Between there and here

IMG_2905.jpg(up and down in the elevator- a never ending source of fascination.)

It’s snowing in Rome today but I’m here at Home home. At least one of them. Soon I will head back to Asheville. I’m done with jet lag, taking care of annual appts (both Sophie and I go to the dermatologist down here, although not the same. Hers also clips her claws, a service that certainly isn’t covered by medicare.) and most importantly, getting my schedule related to my fiber arts life organized for the coming year. I’m late with that! IMG_2888.jpg(One solo bus ride across Rome to the finest fabric store. Like most, a tiny storefront door but then it opened into a 3 story fantasyland for me. This is the same store that provides the fabrics for all of the Vatican’s ecclesiastical clothing. Toweling, table cloth fabric and on the bottom, yards of the most beautiful Italian light weight wool for printing with botanicals- this purchase put me over my luggage weight limit.)

I’m on the fence about sliding this blog forward as just a, you know, general blog and I’ll figure that out over the next few days but I did want to wrap up with a few final images of my time in Rome with Arleigh, Abby and Misha. Those weeks will always stand out in my mind as the best time imaginable spent with Arleigh: so much more than just a simple Ama visit and now, of course, I miss her all the more. Also, it was the saddest of times for Misha and that added a layer of emotion for us all that was unexpected and heart-breaking. And then there was just the business of being strangers in a strange land. The kids adapt quickly and well in new countries but I found I had to work to keep pace with so many unfamiliar things that were essential to day-to-day living and the energy of a mighty frisky two year old. Despite walking numerous circles around the same streets in total confusion, I will say that I always found my way in time, never missed a scheduled pick-up at daycare and found all the places we needed for daily meals and oddities like crib sheets.  Here are a few images of my time there before moving onward.

IMG_2959.jpg(I’m having withdrawal pains from the fresh produce, especially the blood oranges from Sicily.)

IMG_2931.jpg(on a walk about the neighborhood)

IMG_2954 2.jpg(The Pope sits here sometimes. It’s his chair in any case.)

IMG_2958 2.jpg(no place to park? No problem! Leave it in the middle of the street for the entire day. Traffic was the single most terrifying aspect, especially once we witnessed the dead pedestrian)

IMG_2889.jpg(A quiet and delicious lunch for one at the Trattoria Etruria across the street. Homemade fettuccine carbonara .)

IMG_2802 2.jpg(It’s never to early to learn about tomatoes.)

IMG_2860.jpg(Going out in the dark for gelato was very exciting. Arleigh announced that it made her “wild”.)

IMG_2875 2.jpg


2 thoughts on “Between there and here

  1. Wonderful pics! Arleigh is always wild, but in a good way. Pistachio gelato made me wild!! Welcome back and safe travels to NC when you come.

    PS. I do hope you continue this blog, even if you only post once a week. Beverly and I were saying today how much we’ve enjoyed having you back!!


  2. I love gelato and it makes me wild too. 🙂 I remember the crazy driving, but also the beauty of the buildings and the people. (and the lifestyle, full of fresh food!) I’m sure you will miss many aspects of your stay. Will you go back to visit?


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